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Our success is wholly dependent upon your experience working with AGS being not just better, but the polar opposite of what you currently experience through your traditional service providers. Our goal is to be completely disruptive to the established industry norm surrounding CSI/SyteLine services and support. From 2016 to 2021 Augment Global Solutions (AGS), served as the exclusive recruiting and staffing partner for most of the CSI/SyteLine Channel Partners & Affiliates, as well as a large group of End User companies.

During that time, we established what is today the largest, most comprehensive domestic network of CSI/SyteLine professionals and Manufacturing Subject Matter Experts in North America. In 2021 AGS launched AuS2 as a dedicated CSI/SyteLine consultancy. After rapid huge success, the decision was made in early 2022 to formally merge AuS2 within AGS in order to gain operational efficiencies, and to further capitalize off of each unit’s individual strengths. Now Augment Global Solutions (AGS) is the largest independent CSI/SyteLine consultancy in the U.S., with global reach and delivery capabilities.

AGS is Better, Faster, and Significantly Cheaper.


AGS is independent by design, thus we will always provide objective solutions, present ALL of the available options in the market to address your needs, and aggressively advocate on your behalf. Our consultants are all Manufacturing Process experts who are also CSI/SyteLine experts. Almost anyone can follow a canned install process. The AGS difference is that we take the time to learn all our client’s operational and financial processes. We then provide our clients with a tailored SyteLine solution, designed and configured to address their business unique needs, because we know WHY, not just What we are doing. The WHY makes all the difference.

We make CSI/SyteLine work flawlessly and efficiently, tailored to your unique business requirements by providing the following consulting expertise:

  • Project Managers
  • Functional Applications Consultants
  • Customized Development
  • On-Site, Remote, and/or web enabled training solutions
  • Remote system performance and on-going support


AGS' consultants' bill rates are typically AT LEAST $50-$75 an hour LESS than your current available options. Since AGS is not bound by a territory, we don’t have to try to maximize profit out of a limited customer base. We can work with every CSI/SyteLine customer, so our strategy is to get in, get the work done quickly and efficiently, get out and move on to the next client engagement. By doing so, we leave behind a thrilled customer who, in turn, becomes a fantastic reference.


Nothing is quite as frustrating as finally getting your project approved, getting executive buy in, internal teams and steering committees assembled and momentum built, only to be told by your current services partner "Our resources are booked right now, but we can get you in the queue for 3 months from now."

When our clients ask "So when can you start?", our answer is simple and direct - "When do you want to start?" Our customer base spans the entire market, our model allows us to hire aggressively. Because the bedrock of AGS lies in recruiting, we are able to identify and hire the best of the best – fast.

After your project is correctly scoped and planned, AGS will deliver you a comprehensive SOW within 72 hours, not weeks like you are accustomed to seeing now. From there we provide SMEs with the exact skills your project requires, NOT just whomever happens to be sitting on the bench un-utilized at the moment. Does that person REALLY know the difference between MRP and APS, and which one best suits your needs? AGS delivers the RIGHT skill set fit, on time, every time.

Our unmatched industry network of CSI/SyteLine professionals allows us to address your issues and projects NOW.

Your business can’t wait – why should your solution have to be stuck in a weeks or months long backlog?!?

With a Comprehensive Approach

AGS is not just a world class CSI/SyteLine consulting solution, we have a fully comprehensive "One call solves it all" SyteLine solution practice.

Gold Care is AGS' augmented HelpDesk service. We get your problems addressed and fixed in minutes or hours, not days or weeks. Learn more about Gold Care HERE.

Gold Cloud is our pre-defined rapid deployment methodology for moving your SyteLine environment quickly and painlessly to your own private cloud solution, utilizing either your choice of AWS or Azure. We have already done all the legwork and will not only shepherd you through the process, we will also provide post-migration on-going backend support. Learn more about Gold Cloud HERE.

Prospector is AGS's branded recruiting solution for adding full-time or contract to hire resources to your permanent staff. CSI/SyteLine is all we do and all we have done for years, so if it’s important to you that your next I.T., Accounting/Finance, Planner/Scheduler, Engineering, Quality, Logistics or executive hire walk through the door with both manufacturing AND SyteLine experience, well that’s the world we live in! Learn more about Prospector HERE.

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