Soooooo, why should I work for AGS?

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Our compensation plan is far and away the strongest in the industry – ask us how we know! We don’t pay you a portion of your worth, and dangle a billing bonus that you may not ever see, by no fault of your own. We pay you your full value AND a bonus for every hour you bill over 500 in a quarter.

AGS is not bound by a defined territory or named accounts like the Channel Partners. We can work with every CSI/SyteLine end user in North America – and we plan to! Our cutomer list is growing exponentially. AGS' ability to acquire more customers means more work coming through the door, more job stability,and greater opportunites for you!

You will be surrounded by a group of folks that are technically and functionally the best in the business. Our people define what it is to be The Gold Standard. So how does that impact you, specifically? Read on...

Never again will you be stuck out, alone, on an island. You will be a part of a cohesive, fully connected team. Our consultants constantly leverage their unique experience and skills to collaborate with each other in order to provide the best soluton to a client’s most difficult challenge – All without having to worry about losing billing time!!

If something as horrible as COVID had any sort of silver linings, one of these would be proving that you do not have to be on-site 100% of the time to be highly effective. At AGS, gone are the days of living out of a suitcase. Unless a consultant specifically WANTS to be a road warrior, we simply do not allow it. Granted, there are times in the lifespan of a project where being on-site is necessary, but at AGS we set expectations with our clients upfront that we cannot and will not risk losing our valued consultants due to travel burnout. It’s just not necessary anymore.

You will be trusted and empowered to partner with our clients to provide them with the best solution for THEIR business needs. You will be treated like the true professional and trusted advisor that you are - what a nobel thought!

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